Courses - Learning 6 left
Great price!  Craft: Hand Embroidery

£10.00 View >>

Learn something new!

Courses - Learning 2 left
Fantastic offer Craft: Machine Embroidery

£10.00 View >>

Introduction to machine embroidery

FREE OFFER at Waterman (Cambridge)
Eat & Drink - 20% off

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Traditional pub with home cooked food

Courses - Learning 2 left
Great offer!  Cookery: Malaysian Street Food

£29.00 View >>

All abilities welcome

Shows - Local 34 left
£5 off! A pair of tickets to Ely Cathedral Sparkling Valentine's Concert.

£35.00 View >>

Exclusive localsecrets offer!

FREE OFFER at Hitit Restaurant (Cambridge)
Eat & Drink - Eat for free

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Shows - Local 15 left
£6 off! Trio Da Kali

£5.00 View >>

From the Mande culture of Mali

Dining - Deals 24 left
Half price Bangkok City - £15 for a £30 meal, Green St, Cambridge

£15.00 View >>

Authentic Thai cuisine superbly prepared

FREE OFFER at Charlie Chan (Cambridge)
Eat & Drink - 20% off in evening til 9.30pm,25% after OR FREE wine/beer

Free View >>

A taste of the real China

Activities - Pampering 5 left
95% off Professional photoshoot at Secret Desires Boudoir Photography

£19.00 View >>

Beautiful and sensual photos

Activities - Pampering 40 left
Huge discount! £19 for a 90-minute photoshoot.

£19.00 View >>

Professional studio photography

FREE OFFER at Wine Store at La Hogue (Chippenham)
Lifestyle - 15% discount on purchase of 6 bottles of wine

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The best wines from all over the world

Shows - Local £18 off! A year's joint membership.

£49.00 View >>

Sorry sold out: A years joint membership

Dining - Deals 3 left
50% off! £40 meal for just £20 at The Blue Lion, Hardwick

£20.00 View >>

A classic, seasonal meal - Modern, freshly prepare ..

FREE OFFER at Rhubarb (Newmarket)
Eat & Drink - Early-bird deal

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Dining - Deals 4 left
50% off! £20 for a £40 voucher at Peking Restaurant on Homerton Street

£20.00 View >>

Try the best dumplings in Cambridge

Activities - Pampering 7 left
Half price! £50 treatments for £25 at Solos in Cambridge

£25.00 View >>

Choose from our range of tempting treatments

FREE OFFER at Coffee & Co (Newmarket)
Eat & Drink - 50% off any of our delicious drinks

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Marketing services

£0.20 View >>

Any duration up to 25 days costs £5. Each addition ..

Marketing services

£2.00 View >>

Link your event listing directly to your ticket sa ..

FREE OFFER at Old Spring Public House (Cambridge)
Eat & Drink - Pay us a visit!

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The Old Spring

Marketing services
VENUE PROMOTION: 50% wider geographical exposure

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Extended your busines exposure foot print.

Marketing services
BEST VALUE VENUE PROMOTION: Bundle - extra words, slideshow, PDFs and vouchers package

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PLUS extra promotion FREE

FREE OFFER at Carmelo Ltd (Cambridge)
Lifestyle - £10 Student men's dry haircut Mon-Thu; student women's £19 Tue,...

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Gentlemen's & Top Ladies Hairdressers

Marketing services
VENUE PROMOTION: EXTRA words, more pictures and news items

£1.00 View >>

Tell your story with 400 extra words, 3 pictures, ..

Marketing services
VENUE PROMOTION: Down-loadable, easy-access menus & brochures

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Give your customers easy access to your documents

FREE OFFER at La Maison Du Steak (Cambridge)
Eat & Drink - 20% off your meal

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More than just a steak house

Marketing services
VENUE PROMOTION: Eye-catching 3-image slide show

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A good big picture is worth 1000 words!

Kwik fit

FREE OFFER at Peking Restaurant (Cambridge)
Eat & Drink - Free dish of deep fried squid and chili ANY DAY

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Acclaimed Chinese food freshly cooked to order

Growrings (10% off a minimum spend of £ 30.00)

GrowRings are designed to grow garden vegetables in small spaces with ergonomic ease of effort. Easily assembled they are the perfect alternative to expensive raised beds. Also optional green house attachement perfect for early planting and the typical British weather.

Salix Farm Turkeys (10% off a minimum spend of £ 50.00)

The Lindsell family has been producing Christmas turkeys for more than 50 years using traditional methods. We are committed to the highest standard of animal welfare. Our free range turkeys are fattened on rations containing at least 70% cereals with no animal protein and are never given antibiotics or other additives for growth promotion. In December the free range turkeys are dry plucked and then hung for at least a week in a chilled store to give them their beautiful succulent flavour.

FREE OFFER at Carmelo Ltd (Cambridge)
Lifestyle - £10 haircut or £27 blow dry deal

Free View >>

Gentlemen's & Top Ladies Hairdressers

The OOO Company (10% off a minimum spend of £ 30.00)

A fruity, smooth and naturally rich olive oil with just a hint of a peppery finish. Delicious drizzled over salad, as a dipper for bread and for everyday cooking. Our 100% extra virgin olive oil comes from a family farm in a coastal village in near Larnaca, Cyprus. The temperature and warm sea breeze makes the location perfect for olive growing. The olives are handpicked and then cold pressed in the village before the olive oil is sent to the UK for serving at your table.

Tomato Chilli Jam Co (10% off a minimum spend of £ 30.00)

Tomato Chilli Jam goes with just about everything. Wonderful with duck, chicken and game, equally fab with pork, lamb and beef. Scrumptious with squid, prawns and scallops. Its the new tomato ketchup - great with sausages or burgers, makes your fish and chips a bit more special. Perfect as a dip, mix with creme fraiche

FREE OFFER at Bangkok City (Cambridge)
Eat & Drink - Competition time!

Free View >>

Fresh authenitc Thai cuisine, served with style in the heart of Cambridge



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