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localsecrets.com Friday, 29 May 2009
  • The Royston Aesthetics Clinic is situated within the newly converted Market Hill Dental Centre on Market Hill in Royston, and offers a wide range of aesthetic treatments to clients in the Royston area.

    SkinIt is our skin, perhaps, which most shows the signs of ageing. over time, our skin is subjected to many environmental effects and the connective tissues begin to break down, causing wrinkles and other signs of ageing, such as sagging and loss of tone.

    Royston Aesthetics offers clients treatments which reverse these effects; facial and body tightening and sculpting treatments, including cellulite reduction, all helping to combat the signs ageing.

    Using revolutionary TriPollar Radiofrequency Technology, energy penetrates the skin layers selectively heating the skin tissue and related cells when the collagen fibres are embedded. This localised heating causes an immediate contraction of the fibres, tightening the skin layers creating smoother, healthier and younger looking skin. TriPollar treatments can be used on your face, neck, arms, back, tummy and legs.

    How does it feel?
    I'm in my mid-30's and my skin is beginning to show signs of life worth living. Royston Aesthetics invited me along to try out the Tripollar Skin Tightening treatment.

    On entering the Royston Aestetics Clinic, I was led through to the reception area where I completed a short form on my medical history before being taken upstairs to the treatment room. Kelle, the therapist, is extremely professional and personable and put me completely at ease. Firstly my make up was removed using Dermalogica cleansers and Kelle explained she would treat one side of my face first, before working on the other. A glycerine oil was applied to my cheek and Kelle used a three-poled wand (from where TriPollar gets its name) over my face, working on the naso-labial folds, from my nose to the corners of my mouth.

    The wand heats up to a temperature of 40-42C, the optimum temperature to penetrate the fat tissue and contract the collagen, and was slowly passed over each cheek for 15 minutes. Kelle checked my facial temperature at regular intervals and I also had an 'emergency stop' buzzer that I could press at any time if the heat became uncomfortable - it didn't. In fact, it was incredibly relaxing, to the point that I started to doze off!

    ...and the results!
    Incredible! Bearing in mind that a course of six treatments is required and I had just the one, I'm amazed at the difference. A few days on, and I find myself looking at my reflection from all angles, trying to see the folds that had so bothered me beforehand.

    Radiofrequency treatments work equally well on fine lines, the neck area, upper arms, thighs and tummy... I think the question had to be, not should I book in for a treatment, but which part of my body should I go for first...

    For information Royston Aesthetics visit their Local Secrets page here or call 01763 430016.

    Article originally printed in the March 2009 issue of The Listing.

    The Listing

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