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Getting Gorgeous for Autumn

A Guide to This Season's Looks

Fiona Scoble
localsecrets.com Sunday, 20 Sep 2009
  • This Autumn is all about the '80s, looking back to style icons Debbie Harry and Chrissie Hynde. It's also time to vamp it up thanks to the film Twilight's influence on the catwalks. False lashes are out, reams of kohl and mascara are in, and it's time to grow out bobs and opt for long, wavy hair. As well as the styles featured, there's also a move towards more natural looks, bringing "a realness and a rawness" to Autumn and Winter.

    Local Secrets teamed up with top stylists Denise Lilley (makeup) and Tracey Gaines (hair), who between them have worked on several major magazines and TV productions, and who now teach at Cambridge Regional College, to create three key looks for this season.

    GlamLook 1
    Glam Chic

    This rich look has an '80's feel with a twist of Veronica Lake.


    Eyes, lips and cheek all have strong coppery gold colours. Start with the eyes and use a mix of gloss and matt in copper and gold colours. Finish with lots of kohl on the inner rim of the eyelid and lots of mascara. Be careful to balance the strong tones of copper and gold so it doesn't look like it's painted on.


    Use heated rollers or tongs. Drag the hair round to the side of the face to create more volume on one side, clip in and set. For shorter hair, just draw it round a little way and put a wave in. You want to give the feel that you've taken a section away.

    Look 2

    TwilightVampy with a Geisha twist.


    LIPS are the most dominant feature. Stain them with deep berry colour - don't paint the colour on too perfectly.
    Play down the other features. Give eyes a subtle hint of definition using black kohl on the inner rim of the eyelid with lots of mascara. Don't use strong colours above the eye; use an eyeshadow wash.
    Stained lips make the skin look flawless. Keep skin matt with a subtle sheen.


    The hair should be elegant, bringing the Geisha influence into the look. Bring the hair round to the side and plait it, then curl it round into a bun. For a more relaxed look, drop the bun lower. This look works best with longer hair, but with shorter hair a hairpiece or just a smooth parting can create the look.

    Look 3
    Glam Grunge

    GrungeThe rock look. Greasy above the eyes, pale lips and soft cheeks.


    EYES are where this look starts. Use smoky/powdery black greases smudged around the eyes. Work upwards and outwards to make the eyes look bigger, suggesting a wing shape. Finish with kohl and lots of mascara.
    The sheen comes through the eyes so keep skin matt with a soft wash of pink on the cheeks. Play down the lips and keep them matt.


    This look can work with any length. Use crimpers or tiny plaits. If you have shorter hair or want to play down the look, just crimp sections. Give the front some shape to avoid looking "clowny". The height of the quiff depends on the shape of the face.

    The models in the article are:

    Glam Chic - Catherine Taylor
    "Twilight" - Magda Da Silva
    Glam Grunge - Annabel Patterson

    Denise Lilley and Tracey Gaines teach the hair and makeup courses at Cambridge Regional College. To read more about this course and the college visit http://www.camre.ac.uk/

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