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Love at first bath

Hiring wood fired Swedish hot-tubs

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localsecrets.com Thursday, 15 Apr 2010
  • Hot tub outdoor bathing offers a simple way of creating an atmosphere for unwinding in a very special way. For us, bathing in one of these was a case of love at first bath....

    That is why we have decided to make it possible for you to enjoy this pleasure.

    There are many reasons for organising a bathing session.

    Bathing Under the SkyMaybe you are looking for a present to express your feeling towards someone special in an original way, or you may be looking to create a unique surprise for friends or guests.
    Whatever the reason, we are here to help you to achieve what you are hoping for.

    We can bring our hot tub right to you and set it up wherever you wish. Some bookings are simple and do not need a consultation in advance. However, If you require a service tailored to unusual circumstance or if you are uncertain as to whether you have a suitable location, we are happy to pay a visit and to advice.

    You may wish to know that in addition to our hot tubs we can take care of everything related to your event, from creating candles decoration to stocking your fridge with the finest locally sourced, on order prepared refreshment. We can bring dressing gowns, slippers and towels for the use of your guests, we can pamper you with the bathing salts. Just let us know the favorite flowers of your beloved and they will appear.

    If you wish to know more about, please see What we offer or Contact us to discuss your needs.

    Should your bathing experience turn into an addiction we can administer the ultimate therapy:
    Your very own Swedish hot tub at a price discounted to reflect prior hiring.

    For more information about Swedish hot-tub hire visit the Bathing Under the Sky Local Secrets page

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