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Editorial and user content policy

localsecrets encourages contributions of content to the site. Registration is required before any content can be accepted.

General user contributions

localsecrets encourages users to add comment, reviews and tips and alert us about misuse or errors via ‘Problem?’ links. Anyone may also post an event or propose a new venue.  We endeavour to vet all contributions and our policy is to publish all suitable content - whether criticism or praise. User contributions are posted with first name and final initial.

Response to comments, reviews and tips

Venues, locations, groups, authors of editorial content and other listed entities on localsecrets are encouraged to respond to user comment, review and tips, which may be brought to the attention of the subject in question. In some cases these may generate responses via localsecrets to the person who posted the comment – but in no case is the identity of the user making the comment revealed.

In rare cases, if a venue is unwilling to engage in open dialogue, then, at the discretion of localsecrets, all comments, reviews and tips, good or bad about that venue, will be removed from public display. A statement to this effect will be posted on the page. Comments, tips and reviews about the venue that continue to be posted may be visible to the venue, however.

Any subject of comment, venue or otherwise, may contact localsecrets to request a special 'response' be posted next to a user comment, review or tip. At the discretion of localsecrets, this will be added.

Content may not be posted by those who have clear conflicts of interest, including venue employees, owners, relatives of employees or owners or others whose viewpoints may be seen as biased. If it comes to the attention of editors that such comments have been posted, they will be removed.

Staff and commissioned content

Reviews, recommendations, images and articles are produced by localsecrets staff and freelancers for the website and our email publications. This content aims to conform to a high standard of journalistic quality. Editorial content is always clearly differentiated from advertising content.

We accept freelance content through our 'writer’s room'. We encourage contributions from journalists (or aspiring journalists) and experts of all kinds. Here’s how you can participate in the writer’s room. Content sent outside the writer room or otherwise unsolicited reviews, criticism or articles cannot be accepted.

localsecrets reviews

localsecrets reviews of venues are based on the experiences of our independent reviewers, who visit each establishment anonymously. No payment of any kind has secured a place in or influenced the selection of localsecrets review subjects. Furthermore, advertisers and establishments making commercial offers elsewhere on the website, or in any printed matter produced by localsecrets, have no control over editorial content nor have any been included because they chose to advertise.

Eating out and retail venue reviews

Reviews of eating out venues are only posted if in the reviewer's and editor's judgement, on balance, localsecrets can recommend the location. When we cannot recommend it, no staff review is posted.

localsecrets chooses eating out venues that offer clean, safe and welcoming environments. Where food is served we prize fresh ingredients, careful cooking, preparation with reasonable promptness and civility of service. Beyond that, we see good value, interesting character, attractive atmosphere and that extra touch of warmth that makes a difference.

Naturally, our views contain an element of subjectivity, but we try to judge quality fairly, using the criteria above and reflecting the multiple perspectives of our readers and web visitors.

Event listings policy

Editors list all suitable events of interest to readers, in as much as time and resources permit. They reserve the right to not list any item deemed inappropriate for editorial reasons, including listings submitted that appear mainly commercial or politically or religiously partisan. 

Terms and conditions for editorial contributions

A contribution must meet the criteria for acceptance. Revisions may be requested and Local Secrets Ltd is under no obligation to accept or (if payment has been agreed) pay for material submitted if it falls short of the agreed criteria. Whether work meets this our criteria is up the editor. No kill fees are paid.

Once an assignment is accepted, contributors will be notified and they will be paid the work at the agreed rate within 30-60 days.

In cases where a deadline has been set, the contributor will not be paid unless he/she meets the deadline.

Local Secrets Ltd buys all copy rights and publication rights for use online and in any of its print publications in perpetuity. This means material must not have been published elsewhere before being submitted to Local Secrets and may be republished by Local Secrets at any time in the future without further payment to the author, who relinquishes all rights to the material.

The author warrants that the article he/she submits will be original, that it will contain nothing objectionable, obscene or libellous, that any illustration/photography has been made without infringing the rights of any third party, that statements purporting to be fact are true and that opinions expressed are honestly held.

The author will indemnify Local Secrets Ltd against all claims, costs, demands and expenses whosoever arising from the breach of alleged breach of the foregoing warranties.

Local Secrets Ltd reserves the right to make changes which it considers necessary to the work and to that extent the author waives the moral rights to which he/she may at any time be become entitled under the Copyright Designs and Patents Act of 1988.


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