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About Us

Our history

In the year 2000, we realized the internet was the ideal place to overcome the problems of print, where guidebooks, maps and magazines quickly went out of date and information never kept pace. So localsecrets was born and it evolved into an entity much greater than what we had produced in the paper world of the last millennium.

As before, we put all our effort then into understanding how to deliver really good content to our readers and to helping our clients get the most out of their marketing. But now we have entirely new tools: a website, social media, email and the mobile phone; this changes the way we work.

Since 2013, we have operated nationally, reaching some 33,000 neighbourhoods, villages, towns and cities in the UK.

We work in many dimensions, providing our readers with interaction and value and delivering the best journalism we can. We have partners who give us content and all manner of other useful services. We provide our business customers and not-for-profit groups with marketing support.

We began as Local Secrets Ltd, and in Oct 2014 we became Local Secrets CIC, a social enterprise. The latter was purchased by localsecrets solutions Ltd in 2016, becoming a subsidiary of that company. In 2018, the site was in the process of building an interative end-to-end publishing platform that allows communities to submit and distribute information online and through printed media.

Our challenge is to grow in a way that keeps true our principles, which as ever are these:

  • Service to the general reader, whose trust and faith in our publications is of paramount importance
  • Honest, balanced and independent journalism
  • Reliability, transparency and partnership in delivering marketing and promotional services to business
  • Openness to new ideas, imagination and innovation
  • Operating as a responsible citizen of the community

We aim to encourage community awareness, cohesion, communication and understanding by fostering independent journalism and supporting promotion of local events, independent business and not-for-profit groups through joint marketing activities.

And as a start, here is the information we are required to provide:

We are localsecrets solutions Ltd, company number 10250478, registered at 10 Wellington Street, Cambridge CB1 1HW, and trading as 'localsecrets'.

Who’s who at localsecrets?

CEO, Publisher & Executive Editor: Neal E Robbins
Regular writers Anne Garvey, Angela Youngman, Sarah Colwell, Mike Levy, Nick Walker, Louise Hanzlik, Rychard Carrington,  Sep Gohardani, Berenice Mann,Angela Youngman
Accounts Manager: Webster Accounting


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