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localsecrets marketing and advertising for business and events - an introduction in Cambridge


If you want to grow your business you’ll know how important it is to reach out to the local community. localsecrets can help. We offer a comprehensive, cost-effective marketing platform to help businesses find more customers locally and further afield -- for less.

We use coordinated web marketing, email marketing, local television, social media and other means together to get you effective promotion for your brand, products and services. Multi-computer imagechannel marketing mulitplies effectiveness, making each medium work harder for you.

What makes us powerful?

The foundation of localsecrets is its national online magazine, which presents separate groups of local pages for each and every community in the UK. It has a complete what’s on events lists local to each place, along with independent editorial articles about cultural, social and family life, and local businesses listings.

The website attracts visitors from all ages and groups in each locality – making it an excellent place to reach the public if you are an advertiser, event promoter. In short we've got the public's attention.

How do they fit together for you?

Integrated marketing extends reach and engagement to help you identify prospective customers and enable ‘remarketing’ with follow-up messages. What you get:

  • A high profile on localsecrets in the form of your own web page with images, slideshow, texts, bulletins and PDF attachments of brochures or product lists and optional e-email imagevouchers. Your business/organization is highlighted on key landing pages and seen preferentially in search lists and by search engines. Your events get top billing.
  • Featuring in our weekly email updates and newsletters to our thousands of members, who learn about your benefits in the context of interesting, useful editorial content, and in our special targeted emails to the lists of customers and prospects we build with you.
  • Prospective customer development allows you to attract the public with your benefit and, as suitable, e-voucher offers and competitions of your own. When someone shows interest by opening a voucher or entering a competition, you can capture their email to re-consocial media imagetact them later to encourage return custom.
  • Events get boosted by being highlighted in our popular local events lists, spread around to further websites.
  • Social media supports all the processes, bringing our large following on Facebook, Twitter and other sites to localsecrets and highlighting our clients’ messages.
  • ‘Prize Swap’ a special service, allows business and not-for-profit/voluntary groups to reach the out in a way that contributes real results to business as profits and to groups in fund raising, membership or other goals.
  • Easy management is made possible by your own 'dashboard' pages to manage and monitor content and activities with our expert support.

In summary, we offer something very hard to obtain elsewhere –  the attention of local people along with a comprehensive marketing platform combining web, mobile, email, social media and, where available, TV promotion, in one integrated service. Plus, we’ve developed options and packages to tailor our services to the customer’s needs from free to much-less-than-you-think! 

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