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Classical & Jazz

European Chamber Orchestra

The European Chamber Orchestra are a class act on their own. With brilliant musicians from all over the continent, they have the pick of all... READ MORE


The Shape of Water: marvellous

The Shape of Water is a widescreen treat, a satisfyingly rich fairytale fantasy that also works as spy thriller or romcom. This tale of a f... READ MORE


Black Panther: Groundbreaking

Black Panther brings quips and fast-paced action scenes, while telling a powerful and timely story that works on every level that its suppos... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Art - an absolutely must-see

Three of Britain's must famous actors with credits from film and TV return to the stage for a triple performance of delightful intensity. Th... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Putnam County Spelling Bee

Musical made for anyone tired of the classics, this way out modernistic piece has plenty of laughs once you know what you're in for - a stra... READ MORE


Early Man - endearingly daft

Early Man will delight fans of Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep with its daft imagining of how cavemen invented football. As usual, th... READ MORE

Things to do

6th E-Luminate stunning

See the city in a new light - E-Luminate, Cambridge's very own light festival, paints the town with stunning light and colour. Don't miss th... READ MORE


Phantom Thread: Elegant, Eerie

Elegant and intricate like one of its main character's finely made dresses while always retaining an innate eerie sensibility, writer-direct... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Pressure: brilliant war drama

It's early June 1944 and a dowdy academic scientist bumbles into the genre of Allied High Command with orders to predict the conditions for ... READ MORE

Eating Out

The Tiffin Truck - terrific

With a Michelin-trained chef, a new twist on Indian food and an established team from the Navadhanya, Tiffin Truck combines relaxed dining w... READ MORE


New Kettle's Yard to re-open

An exciting exhibition involving a host of international artists will open the new Kettles Yard Gallery on Saturday 10th February when the t... READ MORE


Lady Bird: fresh and honest

The story of a rebellious American girl's coming-of-age, Greta Gerwig's Lady Bird is an honest, precise, and enchanting film, which makes a ... READ MORE


The Post- worthy, if unsubtle

Unquestionably relevant and dealing with important subject matter, Steven Spielberg's The Post delivers an engaging look at the attempted ce... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Piranha Heights: dark comedy

Piranha Heights was first performed in a tiny theatre in Angel, East London and deals with trauma suffered society's underclasses: the manif... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Romeo and Juliet with passion

The scene was not ancient Verona, but 1930's Andalucia, where we see the feuding families of the flamboyant and aristocratic Capulets with t... READ MORE

Classical & Jazz

City of Birmingham Symphony

An accomplished orchestra already admired for its delightful concerts adds that element of surprise with a woman Conductor whose presence ad... READ MORE


Coco: a fiesta for the eyes

Bursting with the colour, warmth and passion of Mexico, Coco is gorgeous to look at - a fiesta for the eyes. Pixar's latest animated triumph... READ MORE

Classical & Jazz

Cambridge Sinfonia: majestic

Cambridge Sinfonia lifted the January gloom with a majestic programme of great music at the West Road Concert Hall. A packed audience was pa... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Sweeney Todd: epic production

Sweeney Todd is a masterpiece of a work.Cambridge Operatic Society (CaOS) has excelled its own high standards in an epic production that wil... READ MORE


Three Billboard: black comedy

Fans of the Coen Brothers will enjoy this black comedy which shares their taste for cacklingly funny dialogue and memorable violence. Three ... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Company-witty Sondheim musical

Company - wittily written, enjoyable and vividly performed Sondheim musical, both humour and pathos in this tale of bachelor Bobby's indecis... READ MORE


Cambridge Winter Ale Festival

Sample rich, dark and warming ales, pale ales and IPAs, or fruity speciality beers, plus cider and perry, at the 22nd Cambridge Winter Ale F... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

James and The Giant Peach

The family performance by Cambridge Theatre Company is deliberately short so not to let young minds wander and we don't some of the signific... READ MORE

Things to do

Best Roof Top Bars Cambridge

Drink al fresco at one of Cambridge's roof top bars in the city centre. From terraces with breathtaking views of the Cambridge Colleges to t... READ MORE


The Beguiled - melodrama

Gorgeous photography and strong performances make Sofia Coppola's Southern gothic melodrama The Beguiled linger in the memory, though the su... READ MORE

Travel, talks & tours

Marseille: a train ride away

Now the temptation to hop on the straight-through service to the Mediterranean is almost irresistible. Look up at the Departures Board at Lo... READ MORE

Eating Out

Thela: Indian street food

With plenty of Indian street food dishes to choose from, such as pav bhaaji, calamari fry, pani puri and masala dosa, there is something new... READ MORE


Food trucks: Veggie-friendly?

Let's do lunch... For vegetarians sampling the delights of Cambridge's food trucks isn't as simple as pick a truck, any truck; options can b... READ MORE

Eating Out

Best Afternoon tea places 2017

Many great minds have expressed strong feelings about tea, and with good reason; taking a good afternoon tea, like wearing silk socks or dri... READ MORE

Eating Out

Tamburlaine restaurant review

We expected with beautifully presented food, expert staff and general glamour -- all of which we got in spades. But as our waiter brought ou... READ MORE

Eating Out

Prana Indian Restaurant - tops

Fresh goes a long way at Prana Indian Restaurant: Set out before us on creaseless white table cloth we found fresh red roses in a vase and a... READ MORE

Eating Out

Stem + Glory cafe - Glorious

Stem + Glory really needs to be renamed 'Stem + Glorious'. An exciting new venture which ticks all the right boxes Lovely food, good prices ... READ MORE

Eating Out

Punt Yard Restaurant - new

Not only does the The Punt Yard hark back to the 1960s in its mis-matched retro furniture, it takes a 60s counter-culture spirit in adopting... READ MORE

Eating Out

Old Bicycle Shop eatery review

The Old Bicycle Shop bar and restaurant promises fresh food and a special focus on novel vegetarian and vegan delights, with locally-sourced... READ MORE

Eating Out

Abjad Hawaz pan-Arabian eatery

Inside the big bright shopfront of the first pan-Arabian eatery in Cambridge you might not even notice the script of Arabic letters decorati... READ MORE

Eating Out

Co. At No 15 healthy menu

Our love affair with the burger is on the wane, and one restaurant has taken the hint by throwing out its heavy American-style diet of meat,... READ MORE

Eating Out

Sticks n Sushi restaurant open

In what was the Old Reading Room and later tourism offices of the Cambridge Guild Hall, now resides the new restaurant Sticks N Sushi, an el... READ MORE

Eating Out

Family eating Saffron Walden

Taking your kids out to eat? Dreading the embarrassment? I have spent hours scouring Saffron Walden and around for child-friendly establishm... READ MORE

Sports & Outdoor

Norwich's best public parks

Demobbed soldiers after World War I transformed the city, bequeathing to Norwich the leafy, green-lined, rich-in-public-spaces it has today,... READ MORE

Eating Out

Mee & I Noodle Restaurant

Mee & I are not egoists. The mee in the name of this new restaurant on the crest of Castle Hill refers to the Hokkein word for noodles, whic... READ MORE

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