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The items below represent the current magazine content for Cambridge in order of latest published first.


Rampage: Enjoyable stupidity

A typically charismatic performance by its lead Dwayne Johnson helps Rampage to maintain its sense of unadulterated cinematic fun, keeping t... READ MORE


Damien Hirst at Houghton Hall

Controversial avant garde artist Damien Hirst stages an exhibition amid the historic Palladian surroundings of Houghton Hall. It's spots be... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Marriage of Figaro: dazzles

Only three years before the French Revolution rocked Europe this action packed struggle between master and servant for the highest possible ... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Plan of Attack: Fascinating

Who is culpable for mass slaughter in war? That was the fascinating (and topical) question posed by the play His Plan of Attack. The piece f... READ MORE

Gigs & Nightlife

Jethro Tull - 50 years on

Less a gig and more a stunning and mesmerising piece of performance art; this evening's concert by Jethro Tull, who have spent an incredible... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Importance of Being Earnest

An enjoyable and charming new version of Oscar Wilde's witty masterpiece, The Importance of Being Earnest. Who is a Bunburyist? Who is reall... READ MORE


Ready Player One: hamfisted

Boasting some good ideas but suffering from a readiness to slip straight in to cliche, Ready Player One squanders the chance to be something... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Quartet: gentle story of aging

An excellent cast, superb acting and the story of aging in a home for retired performers. A play about regrets, honesty and confessions - w... READ MORE


Isle of Dogs: Delightful

If you love dogs, Japan, animation or the cinema, go and see the latest film from maverick American auteur Wes Anderson. Isle of Dogs is a s... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Winslow Boy: elegant, gripping

Terence Rattigan's play, 'The Winslow Boy' won thunderous applause, most of which was deserved, as the curtains dropped opening night. First... READ MORE


Tomb Raider: dull & hackneyed

Sadly, Tomb Raider, based on the popular video game franchise of the same name, fails to make anything of an early glimmer of promise and de... READ MORE

Food and wine

The Boot - White Brasserie

From the duck leg confit with just the right black cherry sauce and the meltingly-tender, slow-cooked shoulder of lamb to the heavenly combi... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

This House: Politics whirlwind

An exhausting whirlwind of music, acting, surreal scenes and a glimpse at what could have been happening behind the closed doors of the 1974... READ MORE


You Were Never Really Here

You Were Never Really Here is a mesmerising character study of a troubled man at the end of his tether, a new kind of action movie by Scotti... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

The Weir: A mesmerising play

Set in a tiny rural pub in the depths of the Irish countryside, this play starts innocuously enough but soon, the darkest and saddest recess... READ MORE


Serena Fordham empowers women

First ever major women's empowerment conference being held in Norwich celebrating International Women's Day - and it's all down to one woman... READ MORE


Saving much-loved Samson

An attempt is underway to save a very unique part of Norwich history - a much loved statue called Samson dating back to the seventeenth cent... READ MORE

Gigs & Nightlife

City Roots - Tom Robinson Band

Tom Robinson returns to Cambridge - this time in The 'Aircraft Hanger' which is the Corn Exchange. One of a series of Cambridge's City Roots... READ MORE

Things to do

Best Roof Top Bars Cambridge

Drink al fresco at one of Cambridge's roof top bars in the city centre. From terraces with breathtaking views of the Cambridge Colleges to t... READ MORE


The Beguiled - melodrama

Gorgeous photography and strong performances make Sofia Coppola's Southern gothic melodrama The Beguiled linger in the memory, though the su... READ MORE

Travel, talks & tours

Marseille: a train ride away

Now the temptation to hop on the straight-through service to the Mediterranean is almost irresistible. Look up at the Departures Board at Lo... READ MORE

Eating Out

Thela: Indian street food

With plenty of Indian street food dishes to choose from, such as pav bhaaji, calamari fry, pani puri and masala dosa, there is something new... READ MORE


Food trucks: Veggie-friendly?

Let's do lunch... For vegetarians sampling the delights of Cambridge's food trucks isn't as simple as pick a truck, any truck; options can b... READ MORE

Eating Out

Best Afternoon tea places 2017

Many great minds have expressed strong feelings about tea, and with good reason; taking a good afternoon tea, like wearing silk socks or dri... READ MORE

Eating Out

Tamburlaine restaurant review

We expected with beautifully presented food, expert staff and general glamour -- all of which we got in spades. But as our waiter brought ou... READ MORE

Eating Out

Stem + Glory cafe - Glorious

Stem + Glory really needs to be renamed 'Stem + Glorious'. An exciting new venture which ticks all the right boxes Lovely food, good prices ... READ MORE

Eating Out

Punt Yard Restaurant - new

Not only does the The Punt Yard hark back to the 1960s in its mis-matched retro furniture, it takes a 60s counter-culture spirit in adopting... READ MORE

Eating Out

Old Bicycle Shop eatery review

The Old Bicycle Shop bar and restaurant promises fresh food and a special focus on novel vegetarian and vegan delights, with locally-sourced... READ MORE

Eating Out

Abjad Hawaz pan-Arabian eatery

Inside the big bright shopfront of the first pan-Arabian eatery in Cambridge you might not even notice the script of Arabic letters decorati... READ MORE

Eating Out

Sticks n Sushi restaurant open

In what was the Old Reading Room and later tourism offices of the Cambridge Guild Hall, now resides the new restaurant Sticks N Sushi, an el... READ MORE

Eating Out

Family eating Saffron Walden

Taking your kids out to eat? Dreading the embarrassment? I have spent hours scouring Saffron Walden and around for child-friendly establishm... READ MORE

Sports & Outdoor

Norwich's best public parks

Demobbed soldiers after World War I transformed the city, bequeathing to Norwich the leafy, green-lined, rich-in-public-spaces it has today,... READ MORE

Eating Out

Mee & I Noodle Restaurant

Mee & I are not egoists. The mee in the name of this new restaurant on the crest of Castle Hill refers to the Hokkein word for noodles, whic... READ MORE

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