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The items below represent the current magazine content for Cambridge in order of latest published first.

Theatre & shows

Six, a Cambridge-born musical

Though football didn?t come home, Six, a Cambridge-born musical which opened at the Cambridge Arts Theatre, certainly has. Toby Marlow and L... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

The Final Curtain - a new play

For all Holmes fans this is a real treat and features some of the great actors of our time, Liza Goddard and Robert Powell are superb to see... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Iolanthe - An all male romp

Talent is in abundance with brilliant singing and comic capers in this original all-male production of Iolanthe. The cast throw their all in... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Anything Goes - vibrant satire

From the first glimpse of the white ship and the sailor suits, this show gripped and didn't let go! Cole Porter's Anything Goes is a vibrant... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Mischief Movie Night - improv

'There is no such thing as a mistake', is the current mantra of improvisation, from the missed note of a jazz musician, a slipped move from ... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Great Expectations: bold

Great Expectations opened at the Arts Theatre in a long evening of bold theatricality. It is tempting with Charles Dickens' much-loved story... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

CCATS the musical: strong

Those Jellicle Cats were on top feline form in this stylish mew-sical, and set in a 1930s nightclub. Lloyd-Webber's mewsical created from 'O... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Be warned ? 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' which burst on to the stage at the Arts Theatre last night, is not what you would expect. That is pu... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Love from a Stranger

Billed as one of Agatha Christie's plays, this is an adaptation of one her early short stories of 1924 by actor and writer Frank Vosper. The... READ MORE

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