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The items below represent the current magazine content for Cambridge in order of latest published first.

Theatre & shows

The Height of the Storm

Here is an exceptional play about humanity, akin to Chekov's nuanced work, a play that insists on opening up fears and longings we normally ... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Blue Stockings: fantastic

A wonderful, emotive and charming show with impressive, polished performances depicting women pioneering into the male bastion of academia i... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Case of the Frightened Lady

An enjoyable, classic stately home 'whodunit' murder mystery. Edgar Wallace's 1930's-set story brought to stage by an all-star cast. With in... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Merchant of Venice: hits home

Shakespeare's Globe on Tour rolled into town last night with a heartfelt, music-filled, stereotype-breaking version of The Merchant of Venic... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

The League of Gentlemen return

Local people gathered in earnest at a packed Corn Exchange to witness the surreal and sometimes rather disturbing humour of the League of Ge... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Doom's Day: Experimental

A young, energetic cast takes us through the life of an ordinary, yet extraordinary man form small town USA, who, in his own quiet way, coul... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Alternate Slices: new drama

A sometimes dark, sometimes funny and always fascinating look at what we all yearn to know - just how could our lives had turned out if we h... READ MORE

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