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The items below represent the current magazine content for Cambridge in order of latest published first.


Rampage: Enjoyable stupidity

A typically charismatic performance by its lead Dwayne Johnson helps Rampage to maintain its sense of unadulterated cinematic fun, keeping t... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Marriage of Figaro: dazzles

Only three years before the French Revolution rocked Europe this action packed struggle between master and servant for the highest possible ... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Plan of Attack: Fascinating

Who is culpable for mass slaughter in war? That was the fascinating (and topical) question posed by the play His Plan of Attack. The piece f... READ MORE

Gigs & Nightlife

Jethro Tull - 50 years on

Less a gig and more a stunning and mesmerising piece of performance art; this evening's concert by Jethro Tull, who have spent an incredible... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Importance of Being Earnest

An enjoyable and charming new version of Oscar Wilde's witty masterpiece, The Importance of Being Earnest. Who is a Bunburyist? Who is reall... READ MORE


Ready Player One: hamfisted

Boasting some good ideas but suffering from a readiness to slip straight in to cliche, Ready Player One squanders the chance to be something... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Quartet: gentle story of aging

An excellent cast, superb acting and the story of aging in a home for retired performers. A play about regrets, honesty and confessions - w... READ MORE


Isle of Dogs: Delightful

If you love dogs, Japan, animation or the cinema, go and see the latest film from maverick American auteur Wes Anderson. Isle of Dogs is a s... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Winslow Boy: elegant, gripping

Terence Rattigan's play, 'The Winslow Boy' won thunderous applause, most of which was deserved, as the curtains dropped opening night. First... READ MORE


Tomb Raider: dull & hackneyed

Sadly, Tomb Raider, based on the popular video game franchise of the same name, fails to make anything of an early glimmer of promise and de... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

This House: Politics whirlwind

An exhausting whirlwind of music, acting, surreal scenes and a glimpse at what could have been happening behind the closed doors of the 1974... READ MORE


You Were Never Really Here

You Were Never Really Here is a mesmerising character study of a troubled man at the end of his tether, a new kind of action movie by Scotti... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

The Weir: A mesmerising play

Set in a tiny rural pub in the depths of the Irish countryside, this play starts innocuously enough but soon, the darkest and saddest recess... READ MORE

Gigs & Nightlife

City Roots - Tom Robinson Band

Tom Robinson returns to Cambridge - this time in The 'Aircraft Hanger' which is the Corn Exchange. One of a series of Cambridge's City Roots... READ MORE


The Beguiled - melodrama

Gorgeous photography and strong performances make Sofia Coppola's Southern gothic melodrama The Beguiled linger in the memory, though the su... READ MORE

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