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The items below represent the current magazine content for Cambridge in order of latest published first.

Theatre & shows

The Height of the Storm

Here is an exceptional play about humanity, akin to Chekov's nuanced work, a play that insists on opening up fears and longings we normally ... READ MORE


The Miseducation of Cameron Po

The Miseducation of Cameron Post is a compassionate, big-hearted coming-of-age drama about the experiences of a gay teenager sent to be 'cur... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Blue Stockings: fantastic

A wonderful, emotive and charming show with impressive, polished performances depicting women pioneering into the male bastion of academia i... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Case of the Frightened Lady

An enjoyable, classic stately home 'whodunit' murder mystery. Edgar Wallace's 1930's-set story brought to stage by an all-star cast. With in... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Merchant of Venice: hits home

Shakespeare's Globe on Tour rolled into town last night with a heartfelt, music-filled, stereotype-breaking version of The Merchant of Venic... READ MORE


BlacKkKlansmany: hugely funny

Spike Lee's account of black detective Ron Stallworth's efforts to infiltrate and expose the Ku Klux Klan during the 1970s is furiously funn... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

The League of Gentlemen return

Local people gathered in earnest at a packed Corn Exchange to witness the surreal and sometimes rather disturbing humour of the League of Ge... READ MORE


Movies on the Meadows 2018

Over the August Bank Holiday weekend (24th-27th August), the 10th edition of Movies on the Meadows will bring more than 12 films, over 4 nig... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Doom's Day: Experimental

A young, energetic cast takes us through the life of an ordinary, yet extraordinary man form small town USA, who, in his own quiet way, coul... READ MORE

Theatre & shows

Alternate Slices: new drama

A sometimes dark, sometimes funny and always fascinating look at what we all yearn to know - just how could our lives had turned out if we h... READ MORE

Classical & Jazz

Joe Stilgoe a musical delight

It's rare to find a musical phenomenon that works , in a Festival featuring the best of classical ensembles from all over the world, but Joe... READ MORE

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