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Simple marketing solutions for small business in Cambridge

Digital marketing - It’s all about joined-up thinking

We all know the importance of digital communication, but what is harder to grasp is how the various channels – internet with
social mediait websites, email messages and the world of social media – can work together and interact with other kinds of marketing via mobile phones and traditional media. localsecrets specializes in delivering coordinated solutions at affordable prices to this dilemma.

laptopBusinesses and promoters know what sells their product or service – and the problem is finding a manageable way of communicating that message over so many diverse channels efficiently and on budget. localsecrets provides a wide range of options, ranging from an ‘a la carte’ pick and mix approach for specific campaigns to packages which bring togetheremail web with email, web, social media and mobile phone/loyalty marketing and coordinates them to give maximum effect with a minimum of administration and cost

Choose from free to low cost, and self-management to custom full services. Any way you go, we deliver your marketing through our exclusive online, mobile and electronic channels, including extensive social media reach. localsecrets.com delivers local information, editorial and promotion nationally to all 30,000 cities, towns, village and neighbourhoods in the UK.

We can help in the marketing of all businesses, including not-for-profit and charitable groups, and with promotion of events.

As a social enterprise, we specialize in bringing together business and groups in mutually beneficial activities through our Prize Swap. The system allows business and not-for-profit/voluntary groups reach the grass roots in a way that contributes real results to business as profits and to groups in fund raising, membership or other goals.

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