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Bloggers and business - a growing partnership

A new breed of bloggers is developing an excellent partnership with business, especially small businesses on a budget, and making blogging into a career for themselves too. If you're thinking of trying your hand at blogging and in particular reviewing products for a fee or for the chance of some goodies, it's worth getting yourself an online presence with a decent amount of Instagram and Twitter followers... read more

Do's and Don'ts' for Business Social Media Beginners

It really makes a difference how you do social media for business. Do it well, you get fab results. Do it badly, you just waste a lot of valuable time. Here are critical 'do's and don'ts' to remember... read more

Marketing with Facebook for small business in 2015?

You may have noticed engagement levels, the key measure of effectiveness, have dropped steeply on your Facebook business page since last year. Blame the 2015 Facebook algorithm changes. It creates big new challenges for businesses using Facebook. The new programming reduces the impact of overtly promotional updates ... read more

Getting the most out of social media for small business – do it yourself or hire an expert?

Every business should be putting itself forward through social media marketing – this is a case by now we don’t need to make – but for small business this raises a question. Do I do it myself, hand it over to an eager office junior or hire someone with special training (or outsource to an expert)? ... read more

localsecrets changes from ‘limited company’ to ‘community interest company’ — a new social enterprise

Localsecrets has become a socialenterprise. That means we are a business with primarily social objectives. Technically, we are now officially Local Secrets CIC, that is a ‘Community Interest Company’… read more

Online customer reviews: fighting your own corner in the battle for public opinion

Many businesses would like to hide their heads in the sand about negative customer reviews online. That obviously helps not at all. Doing nothing is the worst of all options… read more

The Art of the Offer: How to Attract the Good Customer

Every day consumers are barraged in shop windows, in the media and on the web with ‘free this’ and ‘20% off that’. From the consumer perspective, a good offer is… read more

We are now ISO 9001 approved!

Great news… We are now ISO 9001 approved! This means we meet international quality standards for efficiency and careful management.

We are exhibiting at The Business show 2014

Discover how mobile phone loyalty schemes from localsecrets can build your customer base. The time is right: 65% of people now own a smart phone. Loyalty marketing makes sense: By… read more

Join our growing team of Freelance Writers & Bloggers!

We’re looking for more people to join our current team of freelance writers & bloggers for the Peterborough area! Contact us if you are interested: editorial@localsecrets.com

Look for the yellow seat and win BIG!

Keep an eye out for a flash of yellow on your bicycle – scan the QR code & you could WIN a Ben Hayward Bicycle worth over £300!


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