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THE PRIZE SWAP - for business and groups

Who qualifies?    Why Prize Swap?   FAQs  Testimonials    Add a business   Add a group

Welcome to localsecrets Prize-Swap: where businesses meet good causes
– and it’s a guaranteed ‘win-win’ for everyone!

In one quick process, good causes can get easy-to-use prizes and special offers from lots of local business for free to help them raise funds or support membership. Businesses get invaluable marketing partners and more customers. That's it.

What Prize Swap offers businesses:                  

• Marketing with visible, measurable results – not just vague ‘goodwill’!

• Targeted access to new local customers

• Partnership with a ‘good cause’ organisation

• free web page and free e vouchers

• Ease of use – with no admin burden or time--consuming obligations!

What  Prize Swap offers not-for-profit groups and charities

• Prizes for raffles, competitions and awards

• Supercharged fund-raising with incentive offers

• Partnership with reputable businesses

• Free membership

• Registration takes a minute!


-To get the benefits, just apply:

-- groups provide information about the activity needing support and who they want it from. This is automatically sent to the businesses.

-- Businesses describe what support they are willing to provide and can indicate which registered groups are of special interest. This will then be available for groups to ask for the business's approval to use, and once granted the support is made available online.


1) Create your group or business. Open either Add a group or Add a business, complete the form
2) AFTER approval is received, log in, select 'open... dashboard' at top right of the page 
3) Select from the light box your business or group name and open to go to your dashboard.
4) In the dashboard open 'Prize Swap', the second link from left in the navigation bar and just follow the simple instructions on the page.

Questions? See below or contact localsecrets.


'It’s a great idea and as a small charity with limited staff it saves a lot of time writing to and visiting businesses to ask for prizes. There are a lot of meals available and it would be nice if there were a few more alternative prizes – particularly beauty treatments, gift vouchers etc. Once I got the idea it was really easy to do on the website...' (Sarah Pesonen, Community Events and Fundraising Coordinator at Wintercomfort)

'Prize Swap worked really well for us last year and hopefully again this year!!' (Tim Hinckling, Wilburton Beer Festival)

How it works for business

In a word, briliantly! Each businesses sets up localsecrets e-offers for exclusive use by not-for-sponsorship exchangeprofit/voluntary groups those working on their behalf. They can also invite groups to join who are not currently listed. The groups distribute the offers to drum up donations or member support. In short the business gets marketing and the good cause also benefits.

How it works for groups

Prizes and offers from local restaurants, shops or services can be used to support a membership drive or supercharge fund raising. They can motivate volunteers or reward star performers. They can encourage donations, sell more raffle tickets and thank donors. How they are used is up to the group's imagination.

What do groups need to do to get prizes and offers? After registering, they visit their dashboard and on the 'prizeswap' section select up to 10 businesses there listed (or if there are businesses that they who are not listed, they can invite them to join). The group then applies to all its selected businesses in one step by completing a simple form, stating:

  • how they plan to use the offers and prizes to promote not-for-profit aims
  • how, by doing so, they will be distributing the business's incentives to a highly-targeted and motivated audience of supporters, members or staff
  • how by awarding the prize publicly they will showcase the business's good name, products and services.
  • what means of distribution will be used, such as emailings, publicity, activities or events
  • what people have to do to win prizes and get offers (ie, make a donation, sign up, volunteer etc

On submission, the online application (one for mulitple businesses) automatically goes out, and each business gets a chance to accept or decline the group's proposition. When a business accepts, the group can get started using its prize and offer straight away. To send out offers, a group need only email or post them online. To award prizes,  the winner’s name and email is entered on localsecrets. They are issued by email automatically.

Why a 'Prize Swap'?

If a group asks a business for sponsorship, the request can be welcomed as a promotional opportunity or greeted with mixed emotions. While some businesses make the most of sponsorship, time devoted to making arrangements can be a burden for them. Especially for small and local businesses, sponsorship often amounts to a donation with little to show for it except a bit of good will. For everyone, results are hard to measure.

Prize Swap changes all that. It is a win-win for both business and for those on the asking end. Our 'exchange' makes sponsorship easier and more measurable, turning it into a strong business proposition delivering real and measurable profit for business and better fund raising or membership support for groups.

Unlike the old way of laboriously contacting businesses one by one to ask for sponsorship, groups contact many businesses at the same time online. The businesses getting the request need only click links online to authorize use of the prizes and offers, which are delivered in trackable automatic way to the group's supporters and members. Each business or group has its own online page to manage and monitor the voucher uses.

The scheme basically creates a simpler way to foster sponsorship bartered (ie in kind) support from local businesses and for business to market on the back of groups’ member and supporter networks. localsecrets, which is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, is ready to support the exchange participants though upgraded marketing support. It pays for the system through businesses who sign up and by virtue of additional members who join.

Who qualifies?

Group membership is free for voluntary or not-for-profit organisation, such as a  schools, art and cultural groups, charities, associations, societies OR any business, staff group or individual working on behalf of a such a entity (such by holding an event or activity that has raising money for charity as one of its outcomes). If the latter creates a group to apply for prizes and offers, the name should include who it is for. For example, XYZ Service Ltd (on behalf of ABC charity) or John Doe (on behalf of ABC school). 

Both businesses and groups get a free web page - with 200 words and images. Groups also get a free news item. Both can upgrade to a bigger page with more promotion anytime. 

Frequently asked questions:

Can our organization be both a group and a business? Yes, if the entity is not-for-profit such as a social enterprise. It should register once as a business and then again as a group, and follow the instructions.

How do we actually get and award the prizes? The prizes -- like 'free meal for two' or free service of some kind -- are managed online. No paper is needed, but you can print the prize description in promotional materials as needed. First, promote the prizes in whatever way planned, by competition or selection, etc. Collect the winner's name and email address, enter it on the online group dashboard form, click, 'submit'. The winner is automatically emailed the prize as an e-voucher. To redeem the prize, they go to the prize venue and present the voucher on a smart phone or print out. On redemption it is electronically cancelled.

How do we give out the offers?
Offers are simply web links -- URL addresses -- that generate e-vouchers. Authorized offers are listed on your group 'manage' page. Just cut and paste the URLs into emails or post them on social media or websites to distribute them (and so to deliver benefits) to supporters, members or staff. Recipients click on the links to open the e-vouchers online, where they will see how-to-use instructions. To redeem an offer, they go to the prize venue and present the voucher on a smart phone or print out. On redemption it is electronically cancelled.

Can we use the offer in printed matter? Yes. Print the actual URL web address so people can copy it. Converting the URL into 'QR code' is also advisable. A 'QR code' is like a scan-able bar code. It looks ike a square with squiggles in it. 'QR codes' can be printed and anyone with a smart phone can use a special scanning app to collect them electronically. To create a 'QR code' is very quick. Simply use one of the many free QR code conversion websites. This generates an image file you can print or also post and send by email.

How do we know it is working? When a supporter, member or staff opens and registers an e-voucher, an electronic record of a voucher 'issuance' is created that is listed on your manage page under 'Voucher Usage'. So you can see exactly how many offers are taken up, when, by whom and for which venues. 

What if the business / groups we want to work with are not listed? A 'send a request' page is provided to make it easy to invite them to join. Just enter the group or business's name and email.

(Do you already have a group/business account?
Go to the 'Sponsorship' tab on your dashboard navigation bar for instructions.)


THE PRIZE SWAP - for business and groups | Cambridge | localsecrets