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hyperlocal publication on the localsecrets platform

Convert or set up a profitable local publication now!

Create a new publication or convert an existing local community, organizational or local-interest publication into a supercharged, super-efficient online and in print, multi-media phenomenon in one integrated, ready-to-go process that will generate income for you! 

The new localsecrets publishing system can do all that NOW! It takes less time to publish, requires no special training, costs less to run and earns more.

As publisher / editor you exclusively put content directly online for your branded location and then or use, completely online, convert the content readily to print, e-newsletters and social media posts -- all in less time and with less hassle than with customary approaches.logo

Offer your advertisers online promotional pages, with the latests e-vouchering, emailing and other automated digital marketing services along or when they buy print ads, boosting sales income.

Build larger audiences by systematically exploiting all the digital channels, using the inclusive subscription system to monetize your readership, attracting them with extra value -- and getting to offline readers in print. It's a winning combo and all the while you provide important local news and information to your readers.

PLUS! We also offer you free content and free access to a local what's on list and, in certain areas, we will pay you to include regional advertising AND we promise you a printing cost as good or better than what you can get from any other source!

How does online publishing work?

You upload in articles, images and ads -- and then the localsecrets platform places them on your own branded online pages. In simple steps you use the same content to layout a print publication, email newsletter and social media posts. Everything is online -- and explained with step by step instructions. No need to set up a website, negotiate with printers, wrangle with emailing packages, design software or social media sites -- All of that takes place online from the easy-to-uyse localsecrets Publisher Dashboard.

But there's even more. Each location is part of the wider localsecrets network; what is published locally can be shared further afield, regionally or nationally, and you as publisher can dip into content on localsecrets to get free content for your local publication online and in print. Online you get the benefit of publishing to the high-traffic localsecrets website and to its large social media network, which grows stronger as more publishers take part.

What's more, where we have a cluster of publishers, localsecrets will PAY the publishers to insert regional advertising into their print product, adding to their income. And included in the deal, you get the Press Association events list for your area -- easing what's on listing.

Financially, as a early joiner you can get started now, without upfront costs. Each neighbourhood or village will have exclusivity so once a location is allocated no one else will be able to publish through localsecrets in that location. You can have your pick of locations now and get started right away. 

Everything you earn after the monthly license of £29.50 a month and your print overheads are yours to keep. 

Why is it needed?

Local newspapers and magazines and other traditional media are shrinking due to the changing media landscape, withdrawing from smaller communities, so as to appeal to widest common denominator. localsecrets gives back a voice to these local communities in a self-funding, profitable way. It is based on the belief that every local community, be it urban or rural, should have a good local publication. So contact us now if you want to jump on board!

Interested? now is the time to come forward to claim your location and avoid the set up fee. Call Neal Robbins on 03300 177880 or email. Know anyone else who might be interested? Let them know!


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